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Special Police Second Headquarters, National Police Agency

The Past History of Special Police Second Headquarter
The Second Special Police Corps was established in Nanjing City on September 1, 1947, and later on September 15 the  office was set up and operated at 3rd floor Industrial and Mining Building, Huai-ning street, Taipei City. The initial name of Special Police Second Headquarter was “Resource Committee Taiwan Industrial and Mining Police Headquarter”, which was a subordinate of Resource Committee, Executive Yuan, and was commanded by the National Police Agency, Ministry of Interior. In order to co-operate with the unification policy of Police and Politics and military demand, based on the command of South East Military & Politics Commanding officer, Industrial & Mining Police Headquarter was reorganized as “Taiwan Province Special Police Second Headquarter” under the Taiwan Provincial Government, and was controlled by Taiwan Security and Commanding Ministry and Resource Committee. In June 1951, Taiwan Provincial Government Special Police Second Headquarter regulations were officially ratified, and the Corps was in charge of the security of state owned business property and equipments. In 1953, Resource Committee was dissolved and relevant business was transferred to Ministry of Economics, the commanding power of the Corps was also transferred to the Ministry of Economics. On September 16, 1957, in accordance the command of Ministry of National Defense, the commanding power of the Corps was transferred to Police Administration Division of Taiwan Provincial Government. On January 1, 1990, the Corps was reorganized as a subordinate under the National Police Agency, Ministry of Interior, and the financial budged was supported by Ministry of Economics. In addition, the Intellectual Property Right Protection Task Force was arranged under the structure of the Corps.